Ichiboshi Academy (Japanese: 一星学園 Ichiboshi Gakuen) is a high school located in Nagasaki Prefecture. Ichiboshi is considerably strong, they are very solid at attack and considered as a attack team.

Uniform Edit

Ichiboshi kit consist of yellow jersey, green shorts with yellow detail, and green socks with yellow detail.[1]

Notable Players Edit

Players Edit

Shikibu Kamimura

#3rd year // 7 // Midfielder
Kazuma Chinen

#3rd year // 8 // Midfielder
Taichi Oku

#3rd year // 9 // Forward

Miran Aiba

#2nd year // 10 // Forward
Keito Niiru

#1st year // 11 // Midfielder


Tactics Edit

National Championship Edit

First Round

  • Ichiboshi Academy vs Unknown School (win)

Second Round

References Edit

  1. Days - Chapter 161
  2. Days - Chapter 135-163

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