Kaoru Indou (犬童 かおる, Indou Kaoru) is a student at Saku High and its soccer team's captain. He plays with jersey n° 7.

Appearance Edit

Yo it's karim lol

Personality Edit

While he is very playful before the game and is friendly towards Tsukamoto, he is very serious when he plays in a game. He is also good at playing during poor weather.

History Edit

Indou is a genius of the game, and this is proven when he is already offered a pro contract while being in high School. His link up with Narukami is considered strong, as he can make passes to Narukami without even knowing where he is. He is also the captain of Sakuragi High School, and often argues with his teammates.

Plot Edit

Indou overheard the film of the game, he was so moved, he introduced himself to Tsukamoto, and invited him to play futsal. He first made 10 assists in the first half, then went on to score 10 more in the second half, exhibiting his all-round skills.

Skills Edit

No-look passes and court-vision

Indou hones his skills in pick up futsal, where he is a genius passer and can make plays without exerting too much energy, but he explained he was not holding back at all, but rather being way ahead of the game. He even has a sixth sense to fire a pass to Shuuji Narukami even when the latter is sprinting towards goal, and Indou was seemingly going the wrong way.

Long range shot

He was seen taking long range shots in a very muddy game.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Likes : Nacchan's curry
  • Dislikes : Nacchan's nagging
  • Favorite quote : "The Earth is round"
  • He is one of the main characters of the spin-off "Furimuku na Kimi wa".

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