Kiichi Ooshiba (大柴 喜一, Ooshiba Kiichi) is a 2nd year student at Seiseki High School and is part of its soccer club. He's a regular and plays with jersey n°11.

Appearance Edit

Ooshiba is an incredibly tall, lean, young man. He has red hair and brown eyes, with a tan complexion.

Personality Edit

Ooshiba is a rather egocentric person; as shown in the Seiseki-Saku game, he said he was going all out because he was "the main actor on the stage" at the moment. As a striker, he believes his job is solely to score goals, so he puts no effort into defending, blocking, or running. Kimishita says that he has a habit of skipping practice, showing a poor work ethic. Also, given his greed for shooting, he constantly draws double and triple teams to his detriment, meaning he is the least effective player of the Three Arrows. He can also be really clueless, not knowing that when Tsukamoto becomes a 3rd year, Ooshiba would had graduated, but is willing to repeat a year to see Tsukamoto complete the three-peat.

When he is praised, his nose gets longer.

History Edit

In his first year, he passed out from exhaustion in the semi-finals of Inter High. He did so again in the second half of the final of Inter High, but it was because he failed to save a loose ball.

Plot Edit

Skills Edit

He is a rather skillful center forward, however, as a result of skipping practice so often, he has very low stamina and is often subbed out of games when it's deemed he has reached his limit. However, his attitude changed drastically during the preliminaries for Nationals where he ran for miles with Tsukamoto and outran him due to his height.

  • Decoy and assistant

Given he is the most aggressive player of the field, he draws many double teams, however, it opens up opportunities for others to score, but in order to increase his scoring rate, he must wait until defenses shifts focus because he can break open to score.

Relationships Edit

Atsushi Kimishita Edit

He and Kimishita don't appear to get along and fight almost every time they talk to each other, exchanging insults and mocking each other. However, their animosity is an illusion; they've actually been teammates since middle school, always bickering but always supporting each other when the need arises. Ooshiba trusts Kimishita's knowledge and judgement unconditionally, both in and out of soccer; after losing to Saku High he goes to him to ask what he's lacking as a player, and bonus material as well as the OVA reveal that he also asks him whenever he can't read a character in a book or when he doesn't know or understand a word (blindly trusting all of Kimishita's answers without even pondering that he might be sarcastic sometimes). They're also shown to care about each other a great deal, openly expressing worry when the other runs the risk of getting seriously injured or actually does get hurt.

Tsukushi Tsukamoto Edit

Ooshiba views Tsukushi, who plays the same position, as a rival and refuses to be subbed out for him, wanting to play as much as possible. When he does have to sub out or can't play, however, he (albeit reluctantly) relies on Tsukushi and trusts him to do his best in his stead. Tsukushi's determination and ability to go beyond his limits also inspired him, making him more of a team player. But he has a tendancy to headbutt Tsukushito to stop him from crying

Older Sister Edit

He and his sister are rather ambivalent towards each other, both making fun of the other. Such as, his sister teases him for getting tired so easily and he teases her on how Mizuki will reject her.

Trivia Edit

  • His older sister has a crush on Mizuki.
  • He comes from an affluent family, as both his parents are doctors.
  • Ooshiba is indecent at Maths and his grades would never had been good enough to become a doctor.
  • He's the tallest on the team
  • He hates playing when it's raining, because his hair gets all messed up, his uniform gets all dirty and more than anything "a good man and the water never go along well". He probably dislikes that the ball gets all muddy as well. However, Ooshiba admits he hates losing even more.
  • Likes : Tomatoes
  • Dislikes : Cherry tomatoes
  • Specialty : Guessing species of tropical fish
  • Favourite quote: Hit the jackpot
  • He wants a girlfriend.

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