Shou Nakijin (今帰仁 翔, Nakijin Shou) is a freshman at Seiseki High School and a member of its soccer club. He wears jersey n° 12.

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He has tanned skin, with long black hair. He wears green Mizuno goalkeeping shirt.

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As Nakijin is usually a backup goalkeeper, he is very observant, but when he is in the game, he is very quiet, so while he can defend well, he doesn't communicate well with his defenders.

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It has been noted by his senior Inohara that Nakijin is a prodigy. As a goalkeeper, his instinct and reflexes far surpass those of his senior. Though Nakijin has the tools necessary to be a top tier goalkeeper, he has trouble playing with consistency. Due to his inability to concentrate for long periods of time, he is prone to making mistakes.

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  • Likes:Grapes
  • Dislikes: His older sister
  • Specialty: Tetris
  • Favourite Quote: Adherence to tradition

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