Takumi Hoshina (保科 拓己, Hoshina Takumi) is a 3rd year student attending Touin Academy and the captain of its soccer team. He plays with jersey n°10.

Appearance Edit

Hoshina has short black hair with a fringe. His eyes have especially long lashes.

Personality Edit

Has a very serious personality sometimes it can become cold but deep down he is very affectionate and warm.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Skills Edit

Relationships Edit

Hoshina has known Hayato Kaidou and Shizuka Ura since they were middle schoolers.

His older brothers Mitsuru and Seiya Hoshina are great soccer players as well, as they are respectively in the J-league and the top college scorer. They came to watch Takumi's match against Seiseki. [1]

Shou Nakijin

Trivia Edit

  • His special skill is soccer.
  • His favorite thing is the cosmos but he doesn't have anything he dislikes in particular.
  • His favorite saying is "Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever" (Gandhi)

References Edit

  1. 82nd Day, page 3

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